Are you concerned about your TRiO Student and their Academic Success due to Covid-19?

2020 has been a rough year for all of us, but especially for students -  they are missing out on essential in-class learning experience and are deprived of many resources they require to support their academic growth such as libraries, access to teachers, office hours, and tutors. This is why we ought to adapt to their evolving needs. And that's exactly what we've done at PhotoStudy.

How we can help:

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In March 2020, we’ve partnered with TRiO programs to provide pro bono access to our online tutoring solution to TRiO students so they could have one constant and reliable solution amidst these unprecedented times.If you want to provide 24/7 study help and supplemental tutoring to your students, we are here to help. With our online 24/7 tutoring service, students are able to  connect to Expert Tutorswithin seconds via their Mobile phone or Web using only their data. (No wifi or scheduling required). 

Robust Admin Dashboard 

Admin Dashboard provides visibility on student metrics that are most important to you - such as student adoption & engagement, real-time usage, session distribution, and more.

Easy to Set Up

Our implementation is a breeze. Just select a package you need, upload the students' list for instant tutoring access, and get started!

Lowest Cost Solution

We are the lowest cost, highest quality provider for supplemental tutoring. Our packages can be customized to adjust to your requirements and budget.

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