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Prove your Campaigns are working. Let your data do the talking.

For the first time ever, your Marketing data can be AI trained so that your important analytics are accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

Want to be part of this disruptive innovation?

Why Got It?

Make Data-driven decision, Faster!

For the first time, your database can be trained to chat in English, so that you can access your data for insights, anywhere, anytime.

No more Backlog for your Data team

Explore insights using Chat or Voice Assistant

Data you want, when you want.

Now ask your voice assistant or chat with your Data. No need to code or write long SQL queries, no more waiting for dashboards and reports from the BI team, when your data can talk to you like a human!


Increase your productivity by 10x

Get your insights on the go with a power of hundreds of Business and Data Analysts.


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